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Cooking lessons with an Apulian Chef - Veggie mood

Organizzato da Eva & Raffaele

L'esperienza in breve

Tipo di evento

Corsi di cucina, Italiana

Numero di invitati

4 a 8

Orario dell'evento

18:00 (3.5 ore)

L'Host parla

English, Tedesca su 2 rimanenti


How to cook a fast finger food that fit in all type of events ?

Sparkling white wine & Focaccia salentina

Our focaccia is a fluffy oven-baked bread covered with cherry tomatoes, olives, oregano, and salt. Rich in olive oil, the focaccia is one of the delicacies of the Salento cuisine. Its recipe is handed over in the families and each one is slightly different. We are proud of our Focaccia and pretty sure that you will love it.

Delicious potato pie filled with capers, olives and vegetables
Selection of Dutch cheese

How to do and cook real fresh pasta ?

Traditional Veggie Lasagna

Riched in fresh vegetables and nutmeg, our veggie lasagna is a “must”



A very traditional cake from Lecce (Apulia) filled with creamy vanilla

Wine Pairing

Italian White wines/ Red wines


Vino Rosso, Vino Bianco, Cocktail, No Alcohol

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Hopefebbraio 2019
What an amazing evening with Eva and Rafaele! From the start with great conversation and aperitif to learning how to cook the perfect risotto and focaccia the evening was the most memorable one. Thank you both so much for your wonderful hospitality in making us feel very welcomed in your home. Thank you also for all the other additional tips you gave us in how to spend our time in you're beautiful city. The evening started as strangers but we feel like we've left with new friends.
Marynovembre 2018
We had a very enjoyable evening with Eva and Raffaele. The food was excellent and paired with lovely wine. We also enjoyed having the opportunity to spend time and converse with our hosts and their friends. We are so glad we decided to try Eatwith. It is a rare opportunity to experience life in another country with friendly people in their home. Thank you, Eva and Raffaele!
Janetsettembre 2018
It was absolutely fantastic. They are the most amazing people inside and out. Raffael was the main cook and it was just so unique . They even brought the wine from Italy. It was so fine. We highly recommend their experience.
Adinovembre 2017
If you are looking for a special experience, than make sure to book a dinner at Eva & Raffaele. My wife booked this dinner as a birthday surprise for me. She was looking for something different than all the other restaurants/food experiences in Prague. The outcome was so good !!!! We really enjoyed our dinner together with Eva, Raffaele and another couple (I respect their privacy so I will not mention names – but their presence also contributed a lot for this experience - Eva: thank you for this dinner match making). Eva & Raffaele bring their special warm-hearted Spanish-Italians roots to the table along with their love to hosting people and make sure they enjoy their time, conversation and of course their meal. Eventually each guest becomes their friend. The menu preparation was done directly with my wife and they were open and careful in order to match it to our taste. There was plenty of alcohol in the right verity and portion (including the unforgettable limoncello – made from Raffaele's Italian lemons). We highly recommend them and we will come back for sure !! (bear in mind that Eva & Raffaele are very popular so make sure to book in advance !)

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Family friendly
Accessibile con sedie a rotelle
Edificio con ascensore
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Wifi disponibile

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