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119 US$ per persona

Gastronomic tasting journey in a Tel Aviv loft

Organizzato da Guy

L'esperienza in breve

Tipo di evento

Cena, Italiana

Numero di invitati

20 a 30

Orario dell'evento

20:00 (3 ore)


Mingling time

spiced pumpkin soup
popcorn spoon shot

First to the table

warm baby-jam caesar

seared baby-jam lettuce with warm caesar sauce

pumpkin and ricotta arancini

served with smoked aioli

white fish crudo

green tee pearls, black tobiko and purple sorel

salted sardines

brosketa, sour cream, jalapeno jam

octopus skewers

cherry tomatoes, thasos olives, roasted onions, potatos and yogurt

crystal shrimp tartar

fennel and chillies


BBQ roasted sirloin

home made green bell peppers bbq, caramelised pears

confied potatos
green salad
purple wasabi coleslaw

Sweets and drinks

drunk seasonal fruits

mascarpone, white chocolate, orange crumble, caramel

chocolate spoon

basil salt

red wine


Gli invitati possono portare alcohol, Vino, Liquori

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Che cosa aspettarsi

Ronydicembre 2019
I celebrated my birthday, along with 21 of my friends and the event went beyond my expectations - the loft was beautiful, the food was delicious and the hospitality of Guy and his crew was just wonderful. A complete experience of culinary and great fun that I warmly recommend to everyone!
Mayadicembre 2019
חגגנו יום הולדת באירוע פרטי והיה לנו ערב קסום במיוחד: ערב עם החברים, מלא יין טוב, צוות חייכן שסייע, בלופט קסום, אווירה אש, מוסיקה טובה וארוחה קאריבית מושלמת עם מנות מדהימות ומדויקות שגיא השף בישל לנו. באמת שאי אפשר היה לעשות את זה יותר טוב ממה שזה היה, מושלם 💛
Yuliadicembre 2019
AMAZING FOOD AND VIBES :)) I will recommend him to all my friends and hope to visit again!
Estidicembre 2019
The event with Guy was amazing! Food was unbelievably delicious, the wine that was picked for the meal Flattered so well the food that was cooked with the best ingredients.

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