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Musical Mediterranean Feast

Orario dell'evento
20:00 - 23:30
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L'Host parla
English, Hebrew, Spagnola
Numero di invitati
10 a 20


Our Story Begins With...

Orange is the new Black

Soup from orange vegetables with a secret mixture of spices | Sopa de verduras de color naranja con una mezcla secreta de especias.

Colorful salads

Hummus Fusion

Homemade spinach hummus, drops olive oil and special spices mixture. Served with pita bread | Hummus casero de espinacas servido con gotas de aceite de oliva y especias especiales, Servido con pan de pita.

Shades of Green

Mix of greens & sassy pink radish | Mezcla de verdes y rábano rosa.

Roasted red peppers

Roasted peppers pickled in lemon juice & garlic, swamped in olive oil | Pimientos asados encurtidos en jugo de limón y ajo, empapados en aceite de oliva

The first (of) course

The original Shakshuka

Poached eggs in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, onions, sweet red peppers and roasted garlic with exotic Mediterranean seasoning | Huevos escalfados en una salsa de tomates, chiles, cebollas, pimientos rojos y ajo asado con exótico condimento mediterráneo.

My Baba Ganoush

Whole eggplant in the oven topped with original Jerusalem Tahini with soft touches of parsley and lemon drops | Berenjena entera en el horno con Tahini de Jerusalén original con suaves toques de perejil y gotas de limón.

Their majesty - The mains


Traditional Sephardic fish.
Combination of selection of fine fish, cooked Moroccan style in a sea of tomatos sauce swiming with sweet peppers, potatos and Hummus beans.
Touch of me secret traditional seasoning that passes on from generation to generation | Pescado tradicional sefardí.
Combinación de selección de pescados finos, estilo marroquí cocido en un mar de salsa de tomates con pimientos dulces, patatas y garbanzos.
Toque de mi secreto condimento tradicional que pasa de generaciónes.


Stir-fried rice with red and black lentils | Arroz salteado con lentejas rojas y negras

Midnight Dessert

Homemade Malabi

Creamy pudding with fresh taches of Rose water & coconut. Topped with special syrup and nuts | Cremoso pudín con agua de rosas y coco. Cubierto con jarabe especial y nueces.


Vino Rosso, Vino Bianco, Vino

Foto & Video

Che cosa aspettarsi

The meal was lovely (especially the dessert and the fish stew) and the music was excellent. They handled a large crowd including kids very well and made us all feel welcome.
Hello Refaelo, Hi Ofer, thank you for everything, for your hospitality, the great House, the warm welcome, the beautiful ambience - your exceptional culinary arts Refaelo and your musical prodigy Ofer and last but not least thanks to the two great assistants for their support! Thank you my sister, our family and all birthday guests - 14 guests from 9 countries! Thank you for a great MUSICAL MEDITERRANEAN FEAST! Great also the Ofer has rehearsed an extra song to my sister to meet a birthday wish - thank you! Le'Chaim! PS: Your humus is awesome - he has still never tasted so good even on my vacation in Israel as yours - can I have the recipe?
Fue una noche excelente. Gran variedad de platos (mucha comida y buena) gran músico que amenizó la noche. El chef muy atento y el piso muy grande y bien ambientado.
My feedback is only about the first part of welcoming a guest / acting as a host: Invitation and guiding the guests to the venue. The other parts did not follow. I received Refael’s instructions and already on the subway, I discovered that the actual street address shown on Google maps unfortunately was not congruent with the details he provided (half an hour walking distance according to the app). Nevertheless (this can happen with GM), I decided to follow his instructions which, however, were a bit scarce for someone getting there the first time („right next to the xyz metro station“, which is true if ‚right‘ next means the right decision between five streets and 300 m walking distance). After having surrounded the large square around the metro without indicating street signs I called him and received tips like „walk down the street“ (yes, but which one?“) „across the supermarket“ (there are actually two in the closer area plus numerous other shops) and „ask people on the street“ plus the remark „other guests are arriving now“ and „shall I send you the instructions again“. To resume, it wasn’t very helpful, especially since it would have been easy to provide clear and easy indications as I saw when I presumably found the house after having walked around for some more time. This also gave me the opportunity to reflect if I want to be the guest of someone who acts like this. My intuitive answer was: No. – I didn’t bother to provide a feedback until I received his suggestion „we will be very happy if you could write us a review (a good one!)“. Above all, such a business (and the new year) should be based on honesty. P.S. I cannot say anything about food or cleanliness, but have to rate it in order to proceed. So please understand the rating accordingly.

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