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When in Rome, the Special Occasion dinner

Orario dell'evento
20:00 - 23:30
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Tipo di cucina
L'Host parla
Numero di invitati
1 a 20


On the menu might be...

-Zucchini fritters with gorgonzola cheese
-Salmon bruschetta with sautéed artichoke hearts
-Mozzarella in carrozza (Grandma's recipe)
-Fresh tomatoes stuffed with rice and spices - delicious!
-Spaghetti carbonara with bacon curls
-Tonnarelli with fresh tomato, anchovies cappers olives origan persley extra virgin olive oil
-Lasagne with traditional meat and white sauce and melted mozzarella
-Vegetarian lasagne with spinach, peas, gorgonzola bechamelle mozzarella and grana padans cheese
-Rice with pumpkins and herbed cheese
-Special stuffed zucchinis with tomato sauce
-Chicken cooked with orange
-Baccalà codfish with tomato, pine nuts, raisins and brandy
-Melanzane alla parmigiana
-Turkey speck rolls with prunes cooked with wine
-Saltimbocca alla romana , special roman veal with ham and sage
-Tasty tiramisu with coffee, or strawberry.
-Torta caprese with the typical Mediterranean recipe
-Torta della nonna with pastry cream chantilly and pine nuts
-Homemade ice cream and caramelized orange skin


Vino Rosso, Vino Bianco, Birra, Amaro, Gli invitati possono portare alcohol, Vino, Liquori, Aperitivo

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This review is a year late! Where do I start??? I found out about Federica & Barbara's after doing a search on YouTube on places to eat in Rome. This couple (Simon and Martina) has a channel and they posted a video having dinner here. After watching it I booked a reservation! Glad I did! It was the best part of the trip!!!! I definitely plan on going back, but mostly I was really inspired! Federica and Barbara bring so much joy to everyone to visits her home! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING EXPERIENCE!
Such an enjoyable, one-of-a-kind experience. Barbara and her friends/family were amazing hosts and the all of the food was delicious. I am so glad we booked this. Thank you, Barbara, for this amazing evening full of great memories!
Don't waste your time reading any more reviews, just book with Barbara! The best experience in Rome!
Amazing host and experience!! Will recommend this to everyone that visit Rome!

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