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Alice in Wonderland Fine Dining Dinner

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19:30 - 22:30
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L'Host parla
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3 ott 2019
I had such a wonderful time at this fun, quirky supper club! I was so impressed by the way every course and every activity was part of the story - it was a completely immersive, thorough experience. So well planned and executed. The food was completely delicious too, and I’ll be recommending it to all of my friends!
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3 ott 2019
I expected great food, but there was so much more than that. I particularly liked the table decorations which were all part of the theme. The atmosphere was amazing, and the hosts were full of surprises. This was my first supper club and I will definitely go to another one!
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10 mag 2019
Fantastic Supper Club experience! Highly recommend! If you're looking for really high-quality, Michelin-level flavours, and a unique concept in a fun and cosy atmosphere, this experience is for you. :)
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9 mag 2019
Mindblowing!!! Delivers what the title of the supper club says.
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