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Tobi Aking x Campo Viejo - The Ultimate Lunch

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12:30 - 16:00
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L'Host parla
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1 a 25
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Vegetariani, Halal, Allergico alle noci

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9 ago 2018
Tobi, the food was simply delicious, i was going to say the first course of gizzard was my favourite but to be honest they all were. I wish i could give you some more constructive feedback but there was nothing to improve, Looking forward to the next one!
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9 ago 2018
Amazing food and great atmosphere. Would absolutely come again! Can you share the recipes on your blog? i'd love to try and cook some!
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9 ago 2018
The food was delish! as expected. My favourite was the oxtail, it was so soft comparable to other oxtail dishes. Absolutely loved the gizzard bruschetta too! I'm an uber fan of TAKINGFOOD! Can't wait for the next one!
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9 ago 2018
Gizzard: Never had it before but wasn't disappointing. IT WAS BANGING! The balance of all the elements were great. Fried chicken: Everything on the plate went well, loved it! Oxtail: INSANE! before this meal i didn't like oxtail, but you have changed it for me. Stupid tender. Plantain.. my favourite loved it! Tarte Tatin: OMG!
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