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Dine On Our Old Victoria Line Tube Train

Orario dell'evento
19:00 - 21:30
Tipo di evento
Tipo di cucina
Latino Americana
L'Host parla
Numero di invitati
1 a 11
Diete speciali
Vegetariani, Vegano

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15 feb 2019
Great great great!!! Fabulous experience which everyone should try.
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14 feb 2019
Great night, great service. Better than ‘Good service’ id say great! Thank you!
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12 feb 2019
We loved this whole experience. The staff were friendly. The atmosphere was great. The food was delicious. Would definitely recommend. Thank you for a wonderful evening.
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12 feb 2019
I attended the Tube experience with two friends, and we loved our time there! The food was delicious and gave a great taste of South America, plus they easily catered for my lactose-intolerant friend. Despite being warned about the cold it was nice and warm inside, plus it was just so cool to be dining inside a train carriage. This is not the sort of Eatwith to meet other diners, but the atmosphere invited great conversations at our table, and we left very satisfied.
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