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Live & Let Dine - A Bond Themed Immersive Dinner

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19:00 (3.5 ore)
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Inglese e Irlandese
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A Feast fit for an assassin

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Lindsaygennaio 2020
Unfortunately, we were really disappointed with this whole experience. Upon entering the event, we were confused because nothing we saw seemed to be even remotely related to Aladdin. Nevertheless, we grabbed a drink from the bar and a seat on the bleachers. 45 minutes after the show was supposed to start, nothing had yet happened and people were still filtering in to the venue. The bleachers were really packed full and became quite uncomfortable. Once the show finally started, we realized instead of just being a comedic story/dinner related to Aladdin, it was actually a dinner drag show about finding a suitor for Princess Jizzmine, full of very sexually inappropriate jokes. Not that we mind sexual jokes at all, but the humor was very off-color, overbearing and just not good. We sat on the bleachers for an hour and were served the first dish while all packed together on our uncomfortable seats, knees in our chests. Once done with our food, which was really tasteless Asian noodles, there was nowhere to set the dishes so we had to hold onto them and our drink while the first part of the show wrapped up. Then the groups were slowly let into another space that actually looked quite pretty and was Aladdin-themed to see the rest of the show and eat the remaining courses of food. Not sure why we were crammed into such a tight space for so long when there was a very nice dining room available? As people were called in, dishes and drinks were knocked over, spilled and broken since everyone had just set their stuff on the bleachers. Since at this point, we hadn't seen anything we had enjoyed, and the food was so lackluster, we decided to leave and go have dinner elsewhere. We were really bummed that we had spent so much money on this experience and it turned out the way it did. We've never left an event before but just couldn't continue to sit through this one.
Kristinagennaio 2020
Great atmosphere, venue, show and food. I would highly recommend an evening at The Vaults!
Jóna Dögggennaio 2020
Great show and nice food. This was totally different from what I thought it would be but a great surprise :)
Clairegennaio 2020
This was my second visit. I saw the red palace in December and had food too, and Cinderella panto last night. Absolutely loved them both. The shows are so clever and full of life. The venue is interesting, the food is great and the staff are happy and helpful. Can’t wait to my next visit. And thank you to Sam who catered for my eating intolerances with no fuss.

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ma, 7 apr

19:00 (3.5 ore)

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