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Authentic Greek mezze and dinner in Jaffa with Achilles

Organizzato da Achilles

Orario dell'evento
19:30 (3 ore)
Tipo di evento
Tipo di cucina
L'Host parla
Numero di invitati
8 a 16
Diete speciali
No maiale




Made with real thick and creamy Greek yogurt, garlic, dill, olive oil and lemon juice.


Spicy white cheeses salad, with red hot chilly peppers and spices


Potato purée, with garlic, olive oil, and herbs.


The Greek version of humus, a split-peas spread with plenty of olive oil and onions.



Fried puffy zucchini balls with eggs, feta cheese and spices.

Tomatokeftedes me Prasso

Fried puffy tomato balls with eggs, leek, onion herbs and spices.

Melitzanes Papoutsakia

Eggplants in the oven with a red ground beef or mushroom sauce and cheese.


Traditional special Fyllo pie with spinach and feta cheese, as made in North Greece.


Horiatiki Salata

The classic, big chunks of tomato, cucumber, red onion and green pepper. Olives, caper, olive oil, oregano and a big slice of feta on the top.

Prasini Salata

Lettuce, Greens, Sundried tomato, pine seeds, green apple, pomegranate, and vinaigrette

Main course

Moskaraki Kokinisto

Tender chunks of veal cooked in red wine sauce with onions, carrots, and spices served with marinated baked potatoes.

Barbounia Tiganita

Barbouniot fried on the spot, crunchy and delicious.



Good old traditional mosaic, with chocolate and pettite beurre biscuits, accompanied by strawberries, mascarpone and whipped cream


Vino Rosso, Vino Bianco

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Eladfebbraio 2020
My wife and I had a marvelous experience at achilles and Natalie's apt in Yafo. The atmosphere was exciting and joyful, the food was amazing and way beyond our expectations, and above all, we had great welcoming hosts, Highly recommended!
Danifebbraio 2020
Great, Great, Great פשוט מושלם. שילוב של אוכל מדהים, מארחים מופלאים, מוזיקה יוונית ומארח מזמר ומלא סיפורים. הגעתם למקום הנכון
Nilifebbraio 2020
WOW. My friend and I shared a magical evening of great food, music and stories hosted by Achilles and his talented wife Natalie. As course after course of delicious food was served, Achilles regaled us with stories and songs about life in Greece, accompanied by the talented musicians Danny and Assaf. The group dynamic was great, most of us meeting for the first time. The menu included lots of vegetarian options as well as meat and fish. Dinner ended with an amazing dessert - served with sparklers to those of us celebrating birthdays. And of course, the grand finale was when we all got up to dance. A highly recommended experience! Zorba lives in Jaffa!
Yarongennaio 2020
This was my third EatWith experience, and it was very different than the first two. While the dishes served were not "elite chef cuisine", it was, by far, the best overall experience I've had so far. It was magical! Achilles and his lovely wife, accompanied by a talented Buzuky & Guitar player, created an amazing atmosphere, where they and their 11 guests, who have never met before, celebrated a traditional Greek family gathering: singing, dancing, toasting and sharing very tasty, authentic dishes. Interleaved between the food, drink and songs were Achilles' stories about how he came to live in Israel and marry an Israeli wife. Even the small talk between the newly acquainted guests sounded like friendly chatting between family members :-) Definitely, a delightful evening, that I can wholeheartedly recommend to everyone!

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