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Paris Food Tour

Organizzato da Francesco

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Food tour, Francese

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2 a 10

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11:30 (3.5 ore)

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English, Francese


food tour

Les entrées

Unlike what you think, an entrée is a starter. Here, you will possibly be able to taste the famous “pâté”, breaded meat or paste meat mixed with different herbs and vegetables, very good and often eaten with cornichon (pickles); and the “Oeuf à la coque”,soft-boiled egg delicious because the albumen solidifies, but the yolk remains wonderfully liquid.


You will finally understand why you say “cheese” before taking a picture. You will be able to try some of the most popular French cheeses such as Comté, Camembert, Roquefort.

Le plat

You will be able to taste the “Onglet de boeuf sauce foie gras”, a piece of meat, seasoned with a wonderful foie gras sauce! (a French specialty) or the “Boeuf bourguignon”, a classic of French cuisine, delicious beef stew cooked in red wine. All accompanied by a wonderful glass of French wine. For the main course there will be an option of a main meat, but also fish or vegetable dish.


In a unique location be ready to try different amazing pastries options between “Fondant au chocolat”, a chocolate cake with a very good melty chocolate middle, “Tarte au citron meringue”, a lemon tart with a meringue whipped cream topping and the “Café gourmand”, a typical and popular French dessert with mini format of the best dessert options, accompanied by an espresso and presented on one little plate.


Little round cake, inspired by the meringue. Base is made with almond powder, sugar, and eggs. The dough is then cooked in the oven until it is golden. So, did you figure out what this is? Join us and let’s find out!



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