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65 US$ per persona

Venezuelan Arepa cooking class and dinner in Paris

Organizzato da Gaby and Carlos

L'esperienza in breve

Tipo di evento

Corsi di cucina, Sud Americana

Numero di invitati

1 a 10

Orario dell'evento

19:00 (2 ore)


MAin dish - Arepa

2 Arepas (based on corn flour - gluten free)

-Dough flavour (in function of chosen filling):
Plain white (oats)
Red beet (beetroot)
Orange (carrot)

-Filling (please choose one filling per serving/service) :
Reina Pepiada: avocado, chicken and mayonnaise
Domino: white cheese and black beans
Perico: scramble eggs with onions and tomato


Papelón juice (based on lemon and raw cane syrup)


Gli invitati possono portare alcohol

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Daviddicembre 2019
It was excellent. Eduardo was very knowledgeable and personable. Our group consisted of two adults and four kids from 9 to 19. Eduardo did a great job getting everyone involved and the macarons came out great! Highly recommend.
Selinaluglio 2019
How was it??? It was a different time than what was posted. The host and EatWith can’t get it together to post the correct time so I missed the event. The host told me one time then the confirmation I received was a completely different time. Waste of money.
LaZendraluglio 2019
Our host Lorena was absolutely AMAZING! She was so informative and a great teacher. Once we finished the class we enjoyed a wonderful dining experience eating the crepes and gallettes that we made. I would highly recommend this class.
Aaronfebbraio 2019
Eduardo was a consummate host and the perfect teacher. He explains the recipes, demonstrates the proper techniques and then offers guidance and encouragement as you make your own galettes and crepes. Finally, you get to enjoy not only a sense of accomplishment, but a terrific meal. Highly recommended!

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