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28 lug 2018
We had a great time. Pablo is a charming host and a very interesting artist. He was very generous explaining his process when he is creating sculpture. We were well fed, the food was tasty and the wine plentiful. As we left, 3 people in our group bought a print of his work. I would certainly recommend this to others....
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28 ott 2017
Pablo is a great host and a very talented artist, the dinner is workshop was very special. The food was great he makes a killer rissotto.
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28 ott 2017
Very cool spot, the night was exciting from the sulptures surrounding us, to the delicous food. We had a great time.
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28 ott 2017
What an experence!! this was an amazing dinner, with such nice people, I loved meeting new people and hearing about pablos art work. Plus he is great at cooking :)
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