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Bielorussa, English, Francese, Tedesca, Polacco, Russa, Spagnola

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Hibikifebbraio 2020
That was much a good experience!!! The hosts were kind enough to cook gluten free options! I can recommend everyone who come to Paris ☺︎ Especially for Japanese: 女の子1人で参加しても大丈夫です!他のゲストとの交流もかけがえのない思い出になること間違いないので迷っている人は是非行くことをお勧めします:)
Jasminefebbraio 2020
Philippe and Dzianis were just fabulous!! The food was delish!! Nothing like a home cooked meal with great company. Must do in Paris!!!
Ramifebbraio 2020
Very very nice evening. Very nice host, great food .
Ryanfebbraio 2020
Fantastic experience with Phillipe and Dzanis. Food was spectacular but the hospitality was the stand out. Cannot recommend enough.

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