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14 ott 2018
This experience was 'so French'! Cheese and bread and butter, and lots of other mouth watering goodness. François was a gracious gem of a host and provided a beautiful & intimate French dining experience. Merci Beaucoup
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10 set 2018
Cool! Easy! We love it! Best, Fred Krista, Krista2, Laszlo
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6 set 2018
Excellent. Different than other offerings. Each of 12 tastings an exquisite combination of flavors.
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5 lug 2018
A wonderful experience. I’d definitely recommend a meal experience with Francoise. She made my wife and I (and another couple) feel at home as soon as we arrived. Francoise provided clear explanation of each food item served and the wine (and beer) pairing was phenomenal. Thank you Francoise for a pleasant evening !
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