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24 mar 2019
We loved every minute of our dinner with Elsa and Vanda, smart and personable people with whom we found much in common. We learned a great deal as we sat around a table spread with a delicious meal, and we would love to go back. In fact, I hope we do.
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2 mar 2019
We had an amazing evening with Elsa & Vanda. From the beginning we felt home and like we know each other for a long time. We learned a lot of Portuguese culture, food and hidden gems in Lisbon. The dinner was delicious! See you soon …
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27 feb 2019
Our entire experience was exceptional. The food was superb. Elsa and Vanda were tremendous hosts. Our evening was absolutely perfect. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. We would highly recommend a visit with them if you are planning a trip to Lisbon. It was a highlight of our trip
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20 feb 2019
We were curious about what was waiting for us, but it was great, Elsa and Vanda immediately ensure that you are welcome. We were together with a couple from America which made very nice and interesting conversations. The food was fantastic, beautiful products, lots of flavor, accompanied by fantastic wines. A dinner at Elsa and Vanda highly recommended for an evening in beautiful Lisbon
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