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21 gen 2019
What an incredible experience! Amber was such a gracious and talented host who went above and beyond to make our first Eatwith dinner unforgettable. Every course surpassed expectations. Amber even went so far as to give us special parting gifts after we mentioned how much we love a particular brand of Jamaican soda! By far one of the most fun nights we’ve had in a long time. Will definitely dine with Eatwith again and recommend all who read this to experience the amazing time that Amber lovingly provides! Thank you again Amber - you are a true gem for opening up your house to us
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21 gen 2019
The food was delicious. It was a great experience overall! Amber is a wonderful host. Her cuisine was Jamaican, she explained what was in each dish and gave us a lot of background information about Jamaica.
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1 nov 2018
The food was amazing from start to finish! And the Oxtail was definitely the highlight!!!! Amber was super cool, best hostess ever. Thanks for the experience:)
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30 ott 2018
I took a friend to Amber's EatWith dinner and we were both BLOWN AWAY! Not only was the food divine (I'm talking Oxtail that falls off the bone, rice & peas like you've never had, the best tasting cabbage I've ever had, Jamaican pumpkin soup that was to die for, and Jamaican bread pudding that would make you slap somebody), Amber was also an incredible host. She taught us a ton about how the food relates to Jamaica's history and culture, explained how the food was made, and always made sure we were content. I can't wait to eat with Amber again!!!
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