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11 feb 2019
Debora and Ricardo were Perfect hosts!! We were 12 people looking for something different than a typical restaurant.. and the experience at their home was perfect! Food was amazing:fine cuisine with touches from all around Italy 🇮🇹 Wines were excellent. And overall the evening was exceptional!! 5 stars. A big thank you from all the team
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3 gen 2019
The food was great; and beyond the food, we had nice conversation with other guests. It was a wonderful dinner.
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27 nov 2018
Debora was a great host! The food was delicious and it was a very fun evening
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18 nov 2018
It was a nice evening with good food. It was intersting to taste the more authentic flavours of Italy. Our group was quite large. My partner though that was nice, I would have perfered a smaller grour beceause of all the noice. Debora is a woman with an energy of ten =)
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