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16 dic 2018
Une soirée magnifique avec Jean-Yves et son sous-chef! Les plats étaient délicieux, les vins bien accordés. Tout était splendide! On va revenir chez Jean-Yves sans doute!!!
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15 dic 2018
Amazing experience! All courses were absolutely delicious. Jean-yves made us feel at home. The atmosphere was amazing. One of the best dinner I had.
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10 dic 2018
Was great described every course and was so nice and very friendly atmosphere
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9 dic 2018
A wonderful experience! Our host, Jean-Yves, was very personable, not to mention an amazing cook. The meal was delicious from start to finish, with a strong theme that tied every plate together. I learned a lot about the history of Asian and French gastronomy, discovered intriguing new flavours, and rediscovered great French classics, reimagined in a modern, cosmopolitan fashion. I highly recommend Jean-Yves' table. A true delight!
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