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10 dic 2018
Amazing food with extremely welcoming guests and a friendly atmosphere, will absolutely be looking to go again If I ever come back to New York
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8 dic 2018
Amazing! Lucinda is a very good cook. She and Jackie are warm and gracious.
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26 nov 2018
This was my first Eatwith experience and it was absolutely great! Lucinda and Jackie were great hosts and provided such a comfortable atmosphere. The food was delicious and I truly felt I had stepped out of NYC and was enjoying a meal in South Africa. It was definitely a great experience and I’ll be trying it again!
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25 nov 2018
It was a most delicious and interesting experience. With each course Lucinda provided a bit of history about the food she served, noting South Africa’s contribution to the spice trade and how spices became incorporated into its cuisine. (Who knew black pepper is the only spice still traded on the stock market?). 5 + stars for food, atmosphere!
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