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15 apr 2019
The food was exactly what we expect! They are amazing family with interesting stories
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12 apr 2019
We had a fun evening with great tasting food and we enjoyed listening to the story of this very unusual couple. The whole experience of sharing a table with other people and being invited to their home was interesting and pleasant for everyone.
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17 mar 2019
Amazing. Everything was absolutely delicious. There is a serious lack of Indian restaurants in this country and the ones there are aren't the best. This was so much better than any restaurant in this country. HIGHLY recommend. Would love the recipe for the butter chicken, was delicious!
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17 mar 2019
אהבתי מאד! ממליצה. האוכל היה טעים וגם האוירה. מתאים למי שאוהב אוכל הודי ורוצה לחוות אוירה עם אנשים חדשים
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