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21 mag 2019
Wonderful dinner. Rudi was a fabulous host. The dinner was innovative and delicious. The other guests were interesting to share an evening with. Thanks Rudi!!
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19 mag 2019
Top notch meal! Such an inspirastion and good energy! Ny 2nd visit! Not my last!
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10 mag 2019
Such a fantastic experience. Rudi is an amazing chef and treated us so well. Loved it!
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7 mag 2019
Rudi was so sweet and gracious and his food was amazing! Some small bites to intrigue your palate and some bigger plates to make sure you left satisfied; we were so full it just felt like the dishes kept coming and coming (not a bad thing) he even incorporated veal & dark chocolate in two of the courses because I mentioned I love those ingredients and it was my birthday dinner. Such a cute intimate space that makes you feel like it’s your own restaurant. Incredible price for the amount of food you receive at that quality and how long the experience is. Would definitely recommend if you’re a serious foodie looking for a unique experience!
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