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18 feb 2017
Nice food, cool videos. Very very cramped and seating was on stools so not super comfortable. Very hot /cold depending on where you were sitting. But did enjoy the salad/udon/salmon and desserts!
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31 ott 2016
Great night, even though we brought the average age up by 20 years we had a great night, great food , great experience
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30 ott 2016
Great evening - the food was delicious, generous, clean and delicate. Soft textures that melt in your mouth and a really good atmosphere. The hosts were great and brought a great sense of humour to the overall experience, in a fantastic space with great art. Great night!
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16 lug 2016
The food and the staff were great, it just lacked a intimacy or shared spirit between hosts and guests I have come to love about supper clubs.
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