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20 mag 2019
We had an awesome time with Zé. Not only was the food delicious but he was an awesome person to talk with and learn about Lisbon. His restaurant recommendations were amazing as well! Would definitely recommend!!
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15 mag 2019
החלף לעברית Wonderful morning. Let's start by meeting a friend, an amazing family member. A relaxed home atmosphere. The food was delicious. A fascinating conversationalist The wisdom of Ze his to take simple ingredients and making wonderful plates tank you
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2 mag 2019
The evening and meal with Zé was fantastic! He started with explanations of the different regions of Portugal and the foods we were having from them. All great tasting. I’m not a great fan of fish, but when in Portugal......... Cheeses, bread, olive oil, tomato salad. The fish salad he made was so good I had seconds! (Me, the non-fish lover.) The main course fish dish was made with butter, garlic, thyme and tarragon (I think. Forgive me Zé if I didn’t accurately catch what you said.); herbs he picked from the small garden in his backyard. Dessert was a unique preparation of strawberries that I couldn’t begin to describe. Just take it from me, it was delicious. Zé welcomed me with a glass of moscato and tonic or club soda (again, I’ve lost the exact details!!) I’ve learned moscato is well loved in Portugal, but this was a unique and refreshing treat. The wines Zé served with dinner were perfect compliments with the meal. I was joined by two other very special women for a THOROUGHLY enjoyable evening. Thank you, Zé. And Priscilla and Natasha.
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26 apr 2019
Sweet amazing Ze! A wonderful soul who is passionate about Portugal and food. What a privilege my husband and I had having dinner at his home. We felt welcomed and enjoyed every minute spent talking over food and wine. Celebrating our 15 year anniversary with Ze was the best decision we made, and his presence only amplified the joyous event! Our love to Priscilla and Ze; a memory that we will never forget. All of our love my friend!
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