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English, Francese, Portoghese, Russa, Spagnola

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Mariafebbraio 2020
What an amazing, joyful, WONDERFUL afternoon. Teresa and all of her queens are fantastic, so talented, hilarious, and wonderful. Haven't laughed that hard in a long time! Thank you!
Derekfebbraio 2020
Fantastic, it was an extremely enjoyable and memorable evening, can't recommend it highly enough.
Susanfebbraio 2020
Terrific event. Loved the show, the food and the dancing. Would highly recommend it to anyone traveling to Lisboa. Also venue at LX Factory is a great place to visit.
Ashleygennaio 2020
Amazing! So much fun, great food and company. Meet so many new friends and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Step out of your box and enjoy an evening with the ladies.

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