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20 ago 2019
I would have rated this a 12 if it was an option; this was the most amazing experience - probably the highlight of our stay in Athens. It is a must do...everything was spectacular - the food, view and hospitality. We were a group of 4 with differing food preferences/restrictions and Dimitris & Savvas went the extra mile to ensure we were all accommodated - highly recommended (not a single complaint from my picky teenagers). The memories were worth every penny...and the food - WOW!
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13 ago 2019
Easily one of the best evenings in Athens was spent with the fabulous Dimitris & Savvas. Delicious food, wonderful back stories for each of the home made courses served on their beautiful terrace with an outstanding view of the Acropolis. Absolutely faultless - we couldn't recommend highly enough. Thanks again to these lovely men. We also met their extended four-legged family. A wonderful evening AND bonus of meeting new people. Thank you.
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11 ago 2019
We had a wonderful evening, with amazing food, nice guests, lovely dogs and so much hospitality. It was a unique experience! It was really worth the price and we would always do it again. Thx to Dimitri and Savvas
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9 ago 2019
Ok, I’m not really a person who writes reviews, but I HAD to for this. Dinner with these two awesome guys at their beautiful flat (with their hilarious dogs) was extraordinary. The food was some of the best I have ever had in my life - delicious, made with love, beautifully presented and contextualized, and designed to be shared with new friends. Seriously. DO NOT MISS THIS if you’re going to Athens...you will be so happy you did. I cannot hype this up enough. I’m still dreaming of the food. Yuuuuuuum. And the company. And the view. Incredible hospitality - inspiring and nourishing for the soul.
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